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Women of color get left behind…

The mission of Daughters’ Advocate, Inc. is simple :

To empower underprivileged, low-income women of color by providing one-on-one support to set and achieve educational, vocational, or career goals so that these women can gain financial stability and lifelong success.

While there are many outstanding local non-profit organizations dedicated to at-risk youth, we recognize a true need to serve adult women of color, particularly those in the 18-30 age range, that tend to be forgotten by society. Systemic racism has created overarching barriers that prevent women of color, especially those from indigent backgrounds, from reaching their full potential. Seldom has anyone gone above and beyond to offer support, guidance, and encouragement to them as they navigate through life. This is where Daughters’ Advocates steps in.

While our mission is simple, for many women of color, their lives are not as simple. Some have left high school without receiving adequate college or career counseling. Some have aged out of the foster system. Some are young single mothers trying to make ends meet. Some are the primary caregivers for their parents, grandparents, younger siblings. Some are disowned by their families for their sexual orientation. There is one commonality- these women are taught to put other people’s needs before their own, time and time again.

There are additional factors such as neglect, abuse, language barriers, socioeconomic hindrances, self-esteem issues, gender biases, racial stereotypes and mistreatments that have exponentially compounded into heavy burdens that these women shoulder on a daily basis. Having just one of these stressors – but even more so, multiple – can lead to permanent mental, physical, psychological and sociological trauma and damage.

We believe we can intervene by providing one-on-one support and guidance through the use of our educational, vocational, and career development resources to help these women during the critical and formative stage of their growth. The resources will be utilized through a personalized curriculum that will tackle core competencies as well as specialized skills for building educational or career goals, enabling the women who complete the program to confidently enter a competitive market. We hope this unfaltering support system prevents these women from becoming another statistic for homelessness, mass incarceration, or even death.

Daughters’ Advocates is here to unearth the opportunities that these women should have been afforded at birth – a chance to achieve financial independence, chase their passions and dreams, utilize their talents to enhance our community, and ultimately live a healthy, fruitful, and fulfilling life. We can break the cycle so that these same women can elevate the status of future generations of people of color in America in return.